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Rang De Churiyan :: Bangles of Many Colours

Rao GumanSingh Rao Gumansingh

Rang De Churiyan: A Punjabi (Rang Ke Churiyan for the Hindi translation) sentence which paints a picture of a brightly dressed Indian lady in a Punjabi Suit ("Salwaar Kameez"), and "Dupatta" (light chiffon shawl, draped over the head or around the neck) or Sari (bright primary colours with gold trim is a popular choice) wearing "rang de churiyan" - bright bangles of many colours.

Indian women love bangles - one of many accessories that are deemed necessary for all women in the Subcontinent. Even poorer women will wear them.

They come in a multitude of varieties - gold (the traditional favourite, quite heavy and often inlaid with jewels), and multicoloured metal and glass ones.

Some caught my eye as I walked past a bazaar (a hindi word) in the Lajpat Nagar street market in Delhi's southern suburbs.

Thanks to Moni and Mona for helping me with the Indian grammar.