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लस्सी पीने के मजे Lassi Pi Ke

Rao GumanSingh Rao Gumansingh

Lassi Pi Ke
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Drinking Lassi. A tradition in Northern India - soothing and cooling against the heat of the land.

The Lassiwala store is famous in Jaipur. Lonely Planet India states that two cities in India have particularly good lassi (a yoghurt based milk drink in Northern India) - Amritsar in the Punjab, and Jaipur in Rajasthan.

This store here is one of several called "Lassiwalla" in a row - this guy is the original. You have to go early in the morning for fresh lassi, and it's served icy cold in these terracotta glasses. You smash them in the bin when you are done!

The best thing was that the lassi was 10 rupees! (less than 30 australian cents)