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Snake Charmer(ette), Galtaji Temple; Jaipur

Rao GumanSingh Rao Gumansingh

I came across this lady snake charmer at the Galtaji Temple, near Jaipur. She began to take out snakes and place them around her children. She must have done this as I was backing away (fear of snakely creatures). I did feel bad for her and the guide mentioned that this was a dying art. I paid her some rupees and took a photo. I was just hoping that when her baby develops teeth, the snake takes pity on him and does not bite :{

Galtaji Temple today is largely abandoned, other than the presence of many cows roaming around the 'gardens', littered with trash. It was disheartening to see cows having to resort to actually eating the rubbish as there is little else. In addition, there are hundreds of monkeys (perhaps thousands) who can be fed (buying peanuts for them).

The site is of significance as this is where the great saint (swami) Galav is believed to have spent his life and meditated. There are many temples in the complex, including the three story temple of Balaji, and the Temple of Galtaji himself. There are large bathing tanks, where many people come to bathe on Makar Sankranti - a religious festival celebrated in mid January (mid winter).

An 18th Century Surya (sun) templ sits on the highest peak - dedicated to the Sun God, by a courtier of Sawai Jai Singh II.