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Rao gumansingh. Pushkar

Rao GumanSingh Rao Gumansingh

P A P U. Pushkar
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already posted a picture from Papu. She has been on the front page of so many magazines...
The Gypsies, Roma, the ethnic minority who brought to the West the spark of a vibrant culture, left the Indian subcontinent about a thousand years ago embarking on a migration that scattered them all over the world. The culture they left behind remained unscathed throughout the centuries,isolated within the barriers of their hostile habitat: the Thar Desert of Rajasthan

Canon EOS 3. Fuji velvia, canon EF 28/70mm f:2,8

This is taken during the 2001 Pushkar Mela, the famous camel fair. A lot of those Women have beautiful green eyes.